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The 101 of Modular Homes You Should Know What are modular homes? When what immediately comes to mind are the box type of mobile homes, then you are wrong. In this modern day and age, you will be amazed at how modular homes look like because they are now more of conventionally built homes from mansions to cottages. Modular homes are being offered in a wide selection of sizes. You are most definitely guaranteed to find a home that is better suited for yourself or your family. Modular homes come with interiors that are roomy that can either be designed in a contemporary or traditional manner. Modular homes also come with custom interiors with the likes of custom doors and windows, your cabinetry and appliance choice, great rooms, columns, hardwood floors, crown molding, custom cabinetry and fireplaces, glamour bathtubs, entertainment center, vaulted ceilings, custom skylights and so on. It is also up to you to make a decision as regards the countertops, carpeting, tiles, interior flooring, moldings, and hardware as well as the color and type of your exterior windows and doors as well as roofing shingles. Just keep in mind to go for a modular home dealer that provides you a wide variety of options when it comes to what results you want to get of your modular home. In the same manner as on-site built homes, modular homes are also capable of providing potential home a number a wide selection of specific or varied design options. Modular homes nowadays come in a wide variety of home styles and house plans that range from ranch and cape styles to two story or split level housing. Now, if you are more after a house that is just 3200 square feet or one that is small with a cottage style, then you are still able to do so with your modular home if that is what you really want. Modular homes are more or less the same with traditional homes, except for the fact their sections are built in plants that are quality controlled and technologically rich. Delays caused by unwanted weather conditions are all the more avoided with modular homes because their panels are being built inside these plants. This may mean that your modular home becomes ready in no time and becomes all the more efficient. It is in the building site where sections of the modular home are being placed and built upon a pre-set foundation. Meanwhile, the construction of the building in itself takes place on the site of the home. This makes modular homes very much possible to be done in more or less four to six weeks.
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Compared with traditional homes, modular homes are less expensive per square foot because delays are not always a constant and moreover, building them requires less amount of time than usual. They are the best housing option if you want to cut down your cooling and heating expenses because they are more energy efficient.The Path To Finding Better Sales